LEI France

INSEE is the sole LEI provider based in France. INSEE is accredited by the GLEIF to provide LEIs to entities under French law.

GLEIF accredited

INSEE has been accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation since January 30, 2018.

Sirene® informations

Automatic verification of your company information from the Sirene® directory managed by INSEE.


First certification:
120 € tax free
50 € tax free
Transfer from another LEI issuer:

- The prices are set by ministerial decree.

A word of caution

The "LEI France" website only is affiliated to INSEE and remains the sole LEI issuer based in France, despite what some LEI issuers might claim.
Distinct companies from INSEE have chosen to issue LEIs under a designation close to “LEI France”, which might lead to confusion.

Please make sure before you apply for a LEI that you do so on the website pertaining to the actual issuer of your choosing.

Quick payment and certification

Once your application is complete, your LEI will be certified within 1 day of an online payment. Online payment by debit card is the preferred payment method if the issuance or renewal of your LEI is urgent.

Alternatively, you can choose payment by bank transfer and an invoice will be sent to you the following day.
Your LEI will in that case be certified within 2 weeks of the bank transfer initiation, as soon as the transfer is processed.

Your path to LEI certification

You are provided with a secure account to manage your LEI.  Create your account



Attach a company to its space

Verification of information from official registers (including the Sirene directory, managed by INSEE).



Declare financial relationships

Identification of any direct and ultimate parent companies of a legal entity.



Pay for certification

After validation of the payment, an invoice containing the LEI number and its validity dates is also sent by email.

Obtaining the LEI

INSEE issues an LEI ( Legal Entity Identifier ) in accordance with ISO 17442 and sends it to GLEIF.

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Requesting a new LEI

Applying for an LEI is no small feat.
Indeed, this LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) will serve as a unique identifier in order to facilitate the unambiguous identification of your legal entity (company, fund, etc.) in its financial transactions

As of January 2018, LEIs are mandatory for all companies wishing to continue trading on listed financial instruments.

Insee, manager of the national Sirene business directory, allows you to obtain an LEI simply and securely in 3 main steps.

Learn more about requesting a new LEI

Renewing an LEI

The validity period of an LEI after certification is one year. An LEI must therefore be renewed every year to be valid, the renewal can be done as early as 6 weeks before its expiry date.

For example, an LEI certified or renewed on 2021/01/01 must be renewed before 2020/12/31 and as of 2020/11/16.

Any LEI, whatever its origin or the operator where it is managed, can be renewed at INSEE.

Learn more about renewing an LEI

The international context of the LEI

The goal to create a global system for the unique identifier of financial market participants was amplified during the 2007 crisis. Launched by the G20 in 2011, the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) initiative was applying by the setting up of a global directory that can serve as a common repository end of 2012 - beginning of 2013.

LEIs have since been used internationally for the reporting obligations of entities carrying out transactions in derivatives applied in the United States or Europe.

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The Role of INSEE

In France, Insee was proposed in 2013 by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance to be a local issuer of LEI identifiers, because of its experience in the management of directories and identifiers.

He was confirmed in this role in 2018 through his accreditation by the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF). This new activity thus consolidates its leading position in the identification process of French economic entities.

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