How to use this site

To manage your LEIs on our site, you must first have a personal account and log in.

If you do not yet have an account, go to the page for creating a personal space.

Following your registration, you will receive your username and password allowing you to connect to your personal space.

Once you are logged in, the process is as follows:



Depending on whether you want to apply for an LEI for a company or for a fund, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. LEI application for a company, an association
    You make a request for attachment to your personal space of the company or association for which you are requesting an LEI (section Attaching a company to your personal space).
    You only receive the next day a confirmation code sent by email step 2
  2. LEI request for a fund
    You attach the company that manages the fund directly to your personal space. You will then find your fund in the section “Apply for an LEI for a fund”, indicating its ISIN or its approval code in order to link it to your personal space.
    You can also indicate the Siren of the management company to display all the funds and Sicav for which you can request an LEI.
    Once the fund has been linked to your personal space, go directly to step 3 the next day.



The day after the connection request, you receive a confirmation code and in return send us a mandate authorizing you to request an LEI on behalf of your company.

You enter the 8-digit code you received in the “Confirm company connection” section.



The day after entering your 8-digit code (in the case of a request for a company) or linking your fund (in the case of a request for funds), you go to the "Request an LEI / Declare financial relationships". where you enter and then validate the direct parent and the ultimate parent of your entity (fund or company).

If you are unable to do so, you can also choose an exception from the grounds for exemption authorized by GLEIF.

As soon as the direct parent and the ultimate parent of your entity (fund or company) are validated (or mentioned as an exception), you can apply for its LEI by selecting it in the section Pay for certification and clicking on the Pay button to proceed to payment.

Following payment, an invoice containing your LEI number and its validity dates will be sent to you the next day by email.